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Railing Systems are Collections or Lines of Code-Approved Railing Products offered by reputable manufacturers, which typically included posts, post kits, or post sleeves; rail kits, rail panels, rail packs; rail hardware, support blocks, caps, skirts, accessories, and led deck lighting. It is important to understand what items are included with which products. (For instance, Rail Packs only include the rails themselves, whereas Rail Kits typically include rails, balusters or infill and connectors, rail connectors, and foot blocks.) Reading the manufactures installation guide is the b
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  • At Deck & Rail Supply, it’s all about quality; quality conversation, quality materials, quality service and quality products. Railing is no exception. Please scroll down to see our “Railings of Fall.
  • AL 13 Home is the newest rail system from Fortress Railing Products, available with 2" or 3" Posts.
  • 2"x2" AL13 Home Posts are designed for drink-rail application and set the rail and post at the same height, use cap-rail clips and a deck board for a wide top rail.
  • 3"x3" Posts can be used with a lighted cap for a more substantial look.
  • AL13 Home is currently available in Black Sand only.
  • This is undeniably the best priced aluminum railing system available. Shipping is limited, call for a quote.
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    The first thing to do is make a 2d drawing of your deck. Make sure to label the sides of the deck, account for any angles, and measure the total distance of your stairs; from the front of the top stair tread to the front of the bottom or last stair tread step.

    Now that we have a drawing of the deck, we can find where the posts should be placed. Draw a square for each post at corners, edges, and top and bottom of stairs. Then add any posts between those posts for any sections larger than 8'. Rail Kits are available in 6’ and 8’ Level and Stair, so a section that is 7’ will require an 8’ Rail Kit which will need to be cut in the field before installing. In contrast, the stair sections which are 9.5” total length will require two 6’ Stair Rail Kits on each side and 44” posts between. Now, label the distances between all posts with a 6'L (6'Level), 8'L, 6'S, or 8'S (8' Stair) (multiple "short sections" under 4', can be achieved by using one longer section (8' or 6') and (a) "Cut Kit(s)" which are 4/Pack rail brackets available in level, stair, or level angle adjustable ADJ for 45 degree and other degree angle turns.

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