Deck Railing Systems, What Do They Cost?

  • How much does Deck Railing cost?

  • What is the price of railing?

  • What are Railing Systems?

  • Do I need a Railing?

  • What is Railing?

If you’ve had any of these questions, let’s see if we can help clarify.

DekPro Prestige Absolute Black Aluminum Railing System, Face Mount Posts, All Alluminum Rail Kits, Gate Kits

Deck Railing is a structural barrier meant to keep people from falling off the edge of a deck. In most cases, a height of 36” is required for residential rail application. All railing systems we offer meet or exceed 36 inches. Railing, for residential homes, is needed when the deck surface exceeds a specified height from the ground. This height varies depending on your location and city ordinance. So if you are wondering; what is the maximum height your deck can be off or from the ground, without using or needing a rail or railing or handrail; it is important to contact your City or local government office, or Codes Department and ask if Railing is necessary. If you are replacing your existing deck, this would be a good time to check if your deck needs deck railing.

Westbury Tuscany C10 Deck Railing System, Aluminum Rail Kits, Post Kits, 4x4 Posts, Fine Texture Black,

Railing Systems are Collections or Lines of Code-Approved Railing Products offered by reputable manufacturers, which typically included posts, post kits, or post sleeves; rail kits, rail panels, rail packs; rail hardware, support blocks, caps, skirts, accessories, and led deck lighting. It is important to understand what items are included with which products. (For instance, Rail Packs only include the rails themselves, whereas Rail Kits typically include rails, balusters or infill and connectors, rail connectors, and foot blocks.) Reading the manufactures installation guide is the best way to understand the installation process, required products, and tools.

Cedar Wood Railing, Aluminum Balusters

What does railing cost? Well, let’s start with the basic wood railing. Wood 2x4 Railing is what most new-homes deck railing is built with. Cedar Wood 2x4’s with Aluminum Balusters and connectors, 2x4 Rail Brackets, and 4x4 Cedar Wood Posts will cost somewhere between $25/lnft-$45/lnft depending on best-use-of-material, and local wood prices, and type of “top-rail-cap” (lnft stands for lineal feet)

DekPro Prestige Cocoa Bronze Textured Deck Railing, Lighted Caps Effex, TimberTech Ashwood Decking Ashwood Fascia, DekPro Double Gate

Aluminum Railing Systems like DekPro Prestige and Westbury C10 are market leading collections because of their ready to use systems. DekPro offers a 40” Level Post Kit for Level Rail and a 44” Stair Post Kit for Stair Rail. They also offer 6’ and 8’ Level Rail Kits with rails, balusters, connectors, and footblock(s). With DekPro’s Installation Jig, Rail brackets can be attached quickly and precisely. See DekPro Prestige Below:


Westbury Tuscany C10 Deck Railing System, Aluminum Rail Kits, Post Kits, 2"x2" Post Kits, Fine Texture Black, Accents Post Caps Led Low Volatage

Why are Aluminum Rails a great choice? The biggest factor is the durability of Aluminum. Iron can rust if not properly cared for, but Aluminum will not. There are several collections of All-Aluminum railing; with a range in top rail profile, color selection, and price. Aluminum Railing collections usually have a “face-mount post” option. This means the post is installed on the top of the deck and requires adequate blocking of the frame under the post locations. Westbury’s Tuscany C-10 is undoubtedly the most popular aluminum railing systems, but other lines such as DekPro Prestige, and AL-13 Home are beautiful looking systems, with a slightly different approach.    

DekPro Prestige Dream White Railing 3" Posts, Stair Railing, Level Railing, Level to stair rail, stair to level railing.

So how much does Aluminum Railing Cost? Aluminum Railing Systems range from $35/lnft to $70/lnft depending on use of material or (how much material is wasted) Post size, 2”, 3”, or 4”, and Collection.

RadianceRail composite Deck Railing System TimberTech Great Warranty Beautiful Tradtional Railing, railing between existing 6x6 posts

Composite Railing Systems are quite similar to Aluminum Systems, in that they will include all necessary parts. Perhaps the biggest difference in Composite is the post option. Most composite rail systems provide a Post Sleeve which is placed over a nominal 4x4 (3.5”x3.5”) wooden post or Structural Newel Post. Rails are usually sold without Balusters for more mix-and-match options. Composite Railing like TimberTech RadianceRail can cost $65/lnft to $150/lnft again depending on the situation, application, and wasted materials, and type of infill

Westbury VertiCable C80 Gloss White Commercial Height Railing, Vertical Cable Railing System

Cable Railing is another option people gravitate to. A minimalistic view, with a modern look; however cable can be expensive. Some options like Westbury C80 VertiCable is one of the better-priced cable options and can cost as little as $80/lnft. DesignRail by Feeney (which is a fully customizable railing of several top rail profiles, and color options) runs from $130/lnft to $150/lnft, and is considered the elite cable railing system. DesignRail Kits, on the other hand, is a collection by Feeney available in Black only, with series 150 Rail. The huge advantage in this system is the posts; pre-drilled holes make the installation process as simple as can be. After a look through the DesignRail-Kit Brochure, Post placements and quantities needed should be clearer. We expect some big things from Feeney in the future.

If you need a railing, then one of these Railing System might hold the key to your deck railing project!