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WB C10 Tuscany C-10 Westbury Black Texture Handrail Fine Texture Black

Westbury Tuscany Series C10 or C-10 is one of the most utilized Aluminum Rail in Kansas City, and one of the most widely used railing systems in the county. Westbury has done a spectacular job in bringing together an elegant but simple top rail, marvelous textured colors, and an easy-to-install post and rail system, complete with balusters, rail brackets, caps, flairs, and all the accessories one could need. Download the brochure and installation guide below!

Westbury Railing Brochure Guide To aluminum Railing products and system tuscany c10 riviera c30 verticable c80Westbury Install Bood, Install Guide Tuscany C10 Aluminum railing System Installation Guide

Westbury C10 with 6" 6x6 Deko Decko posts Aluminum Black Texture

Level rail requires a 37" tall post. 37 inch posts are available in 2"x2", 4"x4", and 6"x6", with base flange for face mount or surface mount installation. Ask about Magena Star low voltage lighting for cap, and side post lighting!

Westbury C10 Tuscany usually take under a week to ship in three colors - Gloss White, Fine Texture Black, and Fine Texture Bronze.

Level rail kits are available in 5', 6', 7', and 8'.

Stair rail kits in 6' and 8' lengths.

Posts sizes 2"x2"-37", 2"x2"-47", 4"x4"-37", and 4"x4"-47" however, other posts sizes and color options are available by special order.

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